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Beach Breeze Clothing
At Sousa New York our purpose is to make it easy for individuals to consistently find clothing options that are skin and eczema-friendly. Our selection of fabrics and designs are inspired by our customers, social responsibility and the environment.


Bio Founder of Sousa New York
According to Nationaleczema.org there are about 31.6 million people in the US who have some form of eczema. 
I am just one person of the tens of millions that have eczema. I was born with this condition and throughout my life experienced different forms of eczema, have had symptoms that have varied in severity and went through topical steroid withdrawal. This condition has inspired me to start a clothing line that caters to the eczema population, and anyone that appreciates natural, breathable fabric apparel.
Sousa New York is focused on providing consistent access to a variety of natural fabrics, like cotton and linen, along with fabric colors and patterns that are eczema friendly. 
Sousa New York will be looking to launch our first line soon! We hope to have you with us for our launch!
~Cristina Sousa, 
Founder & CEO of Sousa New York
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