Lotion-Striped Zebra Print

Lotion-Striped Zebra Print

Over the last few months I have been clearing my wardrobe of solid, dark colored clothing. Those of you who have lived with or are living with eczema probably know, all too well, that in addition to eczema symptoms, finding the right clothing to wear can be difficult. 

It took me many years to concede to the fact that my eczema can limit my ability to wear certain clothing. Some of my biggest limitations are material composition (ex. wool) and/or the item color. 

Among other challenges, the worst is when I have tried to dress in a dark, solid-colored clothing piece and end up with zebra stripes because of lotion applications, regardless if it was recently applied or not. Those items that were marked with lotion, fade quickly in the wash, as if the lotion just seeps into the fabric, turning it into a dull, whitish/grey looking item. 

In my early exploration years of living with eczema, I tried a variety of things in hopes that I could successfully wear dark, solid colored clothing. For example, I tried using oils, instead of thick creams, to moisturize my skin. The problem with that was that I wasn't able to use the oils for long enough to experiment with clothing. The oils didn't leave my skin feeling hydrated and so I quickly abandoned this option. Despite of that failed attempt, I tried something else, like gently scrubbing my skin in the shower, towel drying the skin, applying lotion and allowing time for my skin to fully absorb the lotion. This was also unsuccessful. Some parts of my skin broke out due to the scrubbing, and, in addition, the lotion marks would still show-up on my clothing. 

Now-a-days my wardrobe is transitioning to clothing that are patterned and lighter colored. Lotion-striped zebra print is just not my thing. 

I hope this entry has you thinking of some experiences about some stories you may have about lotion-striped zebra print, or other stories about eczema and how it impacts your wardrobe. I look forward to reading your comments.

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