3 Tricks to Combat Skin-Flaked Polka-Dots

3 Tricks to Combat Skin-Flaked Polka-Dots

The picture here is an actual picture of me wearing a really faded pair of black sweats. You probably don't have to look too closely to see the skin flakes that are sprinkled throughout. Although I am a fan of polka-dotted patterned clothing, skin flaked polka-dots is not a look that I like going for [haha - made myself laugh].

If you've read my first blog, "Lotion-Striped Zebra Print", then you already know that I'm in the process of removing dark, solid colored pieces from my wardrobe [whining moment- :(  wah]. So, let's say that I manage to put on a pair of black bottoms, without getting lotion-striped zebra prints on them, my next challenge is to prevent the skin-flaked polka-dots.

Here 3 tricks that I have used to combat this: 

1. Tuck in your shirt - This is the most effective tactic I have used. The pros: skin flakes stay on the inside and don't sprinkle on your pants. The cons: If your shirt gets untucked (usually by movement, like sitting down and getting up) or you need to untuck your shirt (ex. go to the bathroom), the skin flakes sprinkle out. This leads me to my 2nd trick.

2. Have a lint roller by your side. The travel sized lint rollers are really awesome. You can fit them in a pocket or in a bag and pretty much take them with you anywhere. They're super effective, but be ready to lint roll your bottoms quite often.

3. Exfoliate your skin and moisturize - This is easier said then done. What I mean is that exfoliating sensitive skin can be difficult and irritating to the skin, especially with eczema. I personally use a moisturizing soap with a hand towel to lightly exfoliate in the shower. This isn't something my skin will allow me to do daily, so I do this about once every two weeks, which is what my skin will best tolerate, even though I still get skin irritation spots. After the shower, and as always, I moisturize my skin with my go-to body moisturizer. Exfoliation day is the best day to wear dark colored pants, but I haven't found this method to be 100% effective against skin flakes.

If you know what I am talking about and like to wear solid, dark colored bottoms, then you can try some of my tricks above. 

Share your stories and comment below :)

- ECZEMAista

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