Have you ever felt like you were the only one who was going through something?

This picture was posted on Instagram by @miriam_s_photostory, is so beautiful and spoke volumes to me. At a quick glance, I saw a beautiful ocean, blue skies and the uniquely colored rocks. Each rock having it's own origin, it's own story.

Upon taking a closer look, I noticed that between the rocks and the water, right at the shoreline, there's a bird. It's all alone, and at this moment in its life, appears to be in thought, planning its next move or just simply taking in the scenery. Whatever it's doing, the bird is solitarily surrounded by the beauty of the landscape.

A familiar feeling came over me when admiring this picture. There have been isolating moments in my life, many of them due to my eczema. Those moments like in the school/gym locker rooms, or when a flare-up occurred, having to avoid the summer sun because my skin was acting out, and the list goes on. Having eczema can be prohibitive and lonely at times.

I was born with eczema. It's a part of me and has played a part in shaping who I am today. And although my eczema has at times, physically stopped me from doing certain things or made me feel uneasy about other things, I persevered. It was my eczema that has INSPIRED me to create my own apparel company to fill in the gaps in the fashion industry with consistent options for individuals who prefer natural, breathable clothing.

It was those solitary times that I had that my best moments of reflection and gratitude for what I have been blessed with. #sothankful #grateful #persevere #nevergiveup #keepclimbing

Going back to the bird in the picture...I assume that at some point after this picture was taken, the bird opened its wings and flew high into the sky. Its view of the earth below became bigger and broader. #natureisbeautiful

Have there been times that you've felt isolated in your life because of a condition? Have those moments INSPIRED you? Let me know in the comments, below. #inspire #beinspired

Stay tuned for my next bi-weekly blog article release and other upcoming ECZiting news! XOXO

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